Joint Replacement Center at NYP - Hudson Valley Hospital

Benefits of a Joint Replacement Center

Very few hospitals in the Tri-state area have a dedicated Joint Replacement Center. 

Here is why it makes a difference to you, as a patient:

Hudson Valley Hospital Center is an all-private room facility which significantly decreases risk of infection.  Our infection rates are lower than the national averages.

You know your surgery will be performed from start to finish by your surgeon, not a junior member of the team, physician assistant (PA), or surgeon-in-training.

You will be seen daily by your physician.  You will not be seen by a PA instead of your surgeon.  If your private medical doctor does not have priviliges at Hudson Valley Hospital, full time hospitalists are available 24 hrs a day to take care of your medical needs.

Specially trained, Orthopedic certified nurses will take care of you after surgery on the Orthopedic floor.  These highly qualified nurses know how to help you best recover, do things safely, and with the least amount of discomfort.

Dedicated physical therapists will get you out of bed and moving sooner and more often, speeding up your recovery.

Your anesthesiologist and surgeon are directly involved in a pain plan for you, so that your pain is managed from surgery until the day you leave.